3 Ways How Blocked Gutters are Detrimental to Your Home


When it comes to home maintenance, small issues should never be overlooked, neglected or underestimated. Your gutters are considered the external plumbing of your abode, and ignoring its maintenance could be your worst nightmare. It is costly as well as a stressful mistake.

When you maintain your gutters in a top notch condition, then you can keep these costly pitfalls at an arm’s length. Gutters are essential when it comes to coping with the heavy rains. But they are quite prone to filling all kinds of debris like twigs, leaves or a dead animal too sometimes. Once the problem hits, it gets out of hand easily. And gutters are easily prone to get blocked at no time. This is why gutter cleaning Halstead on a regular basis is so important. If you don’t, you are faced with following issues.

  1. Water damage

Water damage is the most obvious problem that occurs from the blocked gutters. Speed is of utmost importance when it comes to effective guttering. Any kind of blockage in the gutters slows the process down and is a grave source of trouble. The water has to be flown somewhere so it can even create a backup, over your eaves and under the gutters that eventually pave its way to the roof and then your ceilings or an impactful run off down the exterior walls. Once this takes place, you will find a damp lining paving its way in which causes notable structural damage that can be expensive to fix.

  1. Wood damage

While gutters are indulged in their jobs, your fascias don’t really see too much water. But, the blocked gutter can cause it to be exposed to too much water more than it is capable of taking it. The outcome is that they can destroy and rot, and impacting the look of your home negatively making it expensive to fix as well.

  1. Weight damage

Always keep in mind that gutters aren’t meant to bear heavy weight and they can only be supported by screws and mere brackets. Certainly, debris adds a bit to the weight and sodden one and waterlogged gutters put a load on the gutter fixings which they weren’t meant to do in the first place. This causes the breaking, bending and triggering the damage to the roof and being lethally dangerous for anyone to walk underneath.