4 Mortgage Apps Every First-Time Home Buyers Need To Have


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Are you anticipating a home purchase in the near future? Good for you! A house is always a good investment. Not only will you finally get your own living space. You also get to gain equity, eradicate the need for moving and renting, and even enjoy tax benefits.

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Are you among a large number of homebuyers who need a home loan to buy a house? Then you must find the best mortgage lenders in houston tx to work with. There are also several home loans you can choose from with different minimum requirements. It pays to get a pre-approval first, so you can start shopping for homes that are within your budget. 

To make your home-buying experience a little less stressful, we’ve gathered the best apps you can use. 

Mortgage Calculator

For mortgage borrowers, you can use the Mortgage Calculator app to know all the details about your possible mortgage payment. One only needs to enter the total loan amount, mortgage term, and interest rate. This free app allows you to see a monthly or yearly breakdown of mortgage payments. If you plan on making extra payments, it can show the savings you can make and how it can affect your mortgage term. You can include homeowner’s insurance and property taxes, and the app will show you detailed information about your taxes and fees biweekly or monthly.

TransUnion Credit Monitoring

If you’re applying for a home loan, your journey only starts with working with the best mortgage lenders in houston tx. You’ll need to qualify for the loan first, and one of the usual requirements is a good credit score. This app is an incredible app that won’t only show you your current score. You can also use this to trace credit fluctuations, see the factors that affect your score and how you can improve it. To get lower interest fees on your mortgage, use the TransUnion Credit Monitoring app. It can help you find ways to boost your score or maintain your current score.

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If you already have an idea of how much of a home you can afford to buy, then go for Homesnap. This app allows homebuyers to find houses by entering a price range. You can filter the open house listing and even check school zone information. What users love about Homesnap is its ability to identify properties by simply snapping a photo of a house for sale. It can tell you pertinent information related to that property such as value estimates, the number of rooms and bathrooms pull up pictures of its interiors, etc. 

Bill Payment Log

For busy homebuyers, this is an excellent app that can help you manage your finances. The Bill Payment Log app can send you alerts, reminding you to pay your dues on time. It is crucial that you pay your credit on time and manage your finances. This is one way to improve your credit, which is essential when applying for a home loan. It can remind you when your monthly mortgage is due, thus helping eradicate consequences that comes with late or missed payments.

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