Make Your Home Bred Tough with a Security Screen


Security measures are becoming a necessity for homeowners across the globe. Times have changed and it is no longer reasonable to leave your front door unlocked regardless of how safe you think your neighbourhood is.

The problem is that modern security technology has its downsides. Security cameras, for example, have blind spots that can miss areas where unwanted visitors can make an appearance. Not only that, but they aren’t an effective security measure for physically keeping intruders out of your home.

There are alarm systems but those can be very complex. Most of them require you to punch in a security code to arm or disarm the alarm and sometimes that doesn’t go as it should. Worst of all, systems with sensors can be set off accidentally, waking you up in the middle of the night for nothing.

Security Screens

That is why implementing modern security screens makes for a great option. As recently as a decade ago, they were primarily used for commercial settings as they were bulkier and focused on security instead of aesthetics.

But modern security screens are much thinner and more appealing, meaning that they can be implemented in your home without looking out of place. These screens are composed of an aluminium mesh or fine stainless steel, making them virtually impenetrable.

Aluminium Frames

Since aluminium is both light and strong, it makes for an ideal material for frames. Best of all, most companies offer a line known as Bred Tough. Bred Tough in Mandurah can be found relatively easily to implement into your home security features.

Adding one of these aluminium-framed security screens can add a layer of protection to your home without feeling as intrusive as a security system can. You can fit these screens to your existing doors and windows (or openings of any style, really) to provide an enhanced level of security as never before.

Handle Access Points

One difficult aspect of home security is that there are so many access points to think about. Doors and windows are just part of the concern, especially when it comes from forced entry through a window. When you implement adequate security screens into the mix, you no longer have to concern yourself with these forced entry access points.

Then best part about security screens is that once they are installed, you can simply forget about them. They aren’t the same as security cameras or confusing systems that require constant tinkering or setting. Install them and feel safer than ever before knowing that durable security screens are keeping your home and your family safe.

Make the change today and you can begin enjoying enhanced security without the headaches before you know it.